Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

This hardy yet stubborn dog is energetic and likes to have a job to do. It may try to herd younger children but is good with older children.

Breed Overview

Originating in Australia in the 1800s, this cattle-herding dog was able to herd cattle raised in the wild that were incapable of being herded by traditional European herding breeds. They can tolerate a variety of temperatures and can travel long distances. Being able to do so requires them to have plenty of exercise. They are extremely smart, energetic, independent, and can be stubborn. Being the hard workers that they naturally are, they need jobs to do or they may find their own around your home. Daily mental and physical exercise is important in keeping this dog content. They are also very obedient and make excellent watchdogs and protectors to their families and homes. Ideal owners would be families, hunters, cattle breeders, singles, and active individuals. Weekly brushing is required to keep its fur looking and feeling groomed.

Breed Characteristics

Grooming requirements:
1 = little grooming - 5 = much grooming
Energy level:
1 = low energy - 5 = high energy
Friendliness toward strangers:
1 = shy - 5 = very friendly
Ease of training:
1 = difficult - 5 = easy
Affection toward owners:
1 = independent - 5 = very affectionate

Breed Details & Traits

Height: Male: 18-20"; Female: 17-19"
Weight: 35-45 lb
Lifespan: 10-13 years

Breed Traits

Energetic, Independent, Smart,

Australian Cattle Dog

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