Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier

This playful dog gets along with children and likes to be near the family. It enjoys a challenging task to keep its mind busy. Some tend to bark.

Breed Overview

Originating in America, the Rat Terrier's roots come from the Fox Terrier and many other Terrier types. They were used for their speed to chase away rabbits that threatened farmers' crops. Today they make great pets and companions. Rat Terriers are high energy, bouncy, and fun. They are very intelligent, however they may be stubborn to train. They are very adaptable to different energy levels-- they will cuddle on the couch but also play with children which makes them great family pets. They are also good pets to those who are active. To keep them content, Rat Terriers need a regular walk or play session each day. Their short coat requires minimal grooming, just occasional brushing to remove dead hair.

Breed Characteristics

Grooming requirements:
1 = little grooming - 5 = much grooming
Energy level:
1 = low energy - 5 = high energy
Friendliness toward strangers:
1 = shy - 5 = very friendly
Ease of training:
1 = difficult - 5 = easy
Affection toward owners:
1 = independent - 5 = very affectionate

Breed Details & Traits

Height: 14-23"
Weight: 12-35 lb
Lifespan: 15-18 years

Breed Traits

Energetic, Intelligent, Playful,

Health Concerns

Common Health Concerns for Rat Terrier:
Less Common Concerns for Rat Terrier:
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Rat Terrier

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