Standard Schnauzer

Standard Schnauzer

This dog, without strong leadership, can be stubborn, mischievous and headstrong. It is fun-loving and lively.

Breed Overview

Originating in the 14th century in Germany, these dogs were loved as pets and hunting companions. They are fun-loving, affectionate, bold, and alert. These watchful dogs are reserved with strangers but make good watchdogs. They can be playful and patient but also mischievous. These high energy dogs need plenty of exercise such as a long walk or vigorous play daily. In that respect, they make a good pet for outdoorsy people and farmers but are also a good family pet. Their coat needs to be combed about twice per week and trimmed every once in a while.

Breed Characteristics

Grooming requirements:
1 = little grooming - 5 = much grooming
Energy level:
1 = low energy - 5 = high energy
Friendliness toward strangers:
1 = shy - 5 = very friendly
Ease of training:
1 = difficult - 5 = easy
Affection toward owners:
1 = independent - 5 = very affectionate

Breed Details & Traits

Height: Male: 18-20"; Female: 17-19"
Weight: Male: 30-45 lb; Female: 30-40 lb
Lifespan: about 15 years, or more

Breed Traits

Bold, Lively, Protective, Working group,

Health Concerns

Common Health Concerns for Standard Schnauzer:
Less Common Concerns for Standard Schnauzer:
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Standard Schnauzer

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