Compulsive Behavior

Description: A neural condition in which the dog behaves in excess and inappropriate situations to the point of interference with normal behavior. Compulsive behavior can be extremely lengthy (and irritating), lead to injury on the body, strained relationships (between owner and dog), and the inability to perform normally. Compulsive behavior seems to be caused by large amounts of stress and anxiety. This stress and anxiety can be caused by multiple reasons, for example, moving to a new location or being alone for a long period of time.
Symptoms: It will appear that it is unable to control their actions and do things repetitively and frequently. Running around in circles, pacing, excessive amount of tail chasing, and fence running are signs of compulsive behavior.
Treatment: A way to treat this, is to desensitize the situation. You will need to ignore the dog and also avoid punishment because it can worsen their anxiety. Training to relax on command will help and having a routine (feeding and exercising) will help reduce the stress. Interaction with other dogs may help as well. There aren't any current medications prescribed completely cure compulsive behavior but some have used antidepressants and received success.

Breeds prone to Compulsive Behavior include: