Copper Toxiocosis

Description: A liver condition in which copper accumulates in the liver which leads to chronic hepatitis. Having an excessive amount of copper in the body is toxic. With too much copper, it can result in the inability for the liver to metabolize efficiently. This can be present at any age but most common is around 4 years old and older and can occur equally on both genders.
Symptoms: Some symptoms include weight loss, loss of appetite, vomiting, and pain in the abdominal area. This is due to the pressure of the liver on the cells and can potentially kill the liver cells.
Diagnosis: Diagnosed via DNA test.
Treatment: A way to help prevent this is making sure diet has very low copper. The most effective treatment is having a liver biopsy and recovery depends on how long and how badly the damage is. Medication given will help pass the copper out of the liver and eventually will exit through urination.

Breeds prone to Copper Toxiocosis include: