Description: A condition of the eyes in which the eyelids turn outward and there is a gap between the lid and the eye. The symptoms of ectropion might worsen as the pet continues to age.

Symptoms: The eyelid appears to be “droopy” and sometimes red or inflamed. The pet may paw at the eye if it becomes uncomfortable. Often times the eyes have symptoms of excessive tearing because of problems draining the eye. Sometimes there is a history of bacterial conjunctivitis.

Diagnosis: The veterinarian will conduct a physical examination to diagnose the issue. Usually a blood test will be ordered to identify the cause of the symptoms. For older dogs, blood and urine tests may be necessary to determine the cause of the disease. Corneal staining might be done to rule out an ulcer in the cornea.

Treatment: In mild cases of ectropion, medicated eye drops and ointments might help the condition. Ectropion can be treated with surgery which may cost up to several hundred dollars to repair the eyelid. If the disease is severe, a corrective surgery will be necessary to treat the condition. The prognosis after surgery is generally good but requires ongoing eye care.

Breeds prone to Ectropion include: