OCD-Osteochondritis Dissecans

Description: When puppies are allowed to grow too quickly, the cartilage in their joints may not attach to the bone properly. This problem is known as osteochondritis dissecans or OCD. If this occurs, surgery may be required to fix the problem. It’s best to stick to our recommended growth rate of no more than four pounds per week. Don’t overfeed him and don’t supplement with additional calcium. Feed a large-breed puppy diet rather than an adult or a regular puppy diet. Weigh your puppy every three to four weeks.

What to Watch For: Lameness in the affected limb, limping, refusal to bear weight on the limb.

Diagnosis: Diagnosed via physical examination and X-rays.

Treatment: Mild cases may be treated with a combination of rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and painkillers. In more severe cases, surgery is required to remove or repair the affected area. Animals typically make a full recovery. Because OCD may be worsened by rapid growth, it is important to feed growing puppies a healthy diet and the proper amounts for their weight.

(See example claim.)

Breeds prone to OCD-Osteochondritis Dissecans include:


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