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Whether you currently have a pet cat as part of your family, or you
are thinking of adding one, this is the place for you. Learn about the personalities, characteristics, and common health concerns of each cat breed.

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Our Cat Breed Guide contains information on most cat breeds. Select a cat breed from the list above to learn about their background, personalities, and physical characteristics. Find out if your pet cat is prone to health concerns that will affect your pet insurance. You can see which cat breed is most energetic, easiest to train, and most affectionate. Want to know if the Siamese Cat is good with children, or where the Himalayan Cat comes from? The answers are above!


Learn more about pet health concerns specific to your cats breed and how a cat insurance plan will benefit you. Cat health insurance allows your pet to receive the best possible veterinary care without worrying about costs. Protect your pet with a pet health insurance plan that covers your cat and protects yourself from the unexpected costs of veterinary treatment.