Description: Entropion is a condition where the eyelid rolls inward, causing the eyelashes to rub against the cornea (surface of the eyeball). It can happen in any dog breed but some dogs are at a higher risk for this heritable disorder. 

What to Watch For: This is an extremely irritating and painful condition that can ultimately lead to blindness. Signs include increased blinking, extra tears, and squinting. For cats, small dog breeds, and brachycephalic breeds, signs typically include inflammation of the inner eye and tearing. However, large dog breeds are more likely to display signs of pus and eye discharge. 

Treatment: This condition requires surgical correction (in some cases, two separate surgeries so as not to over-correct the issue). Most dogs will not undergo surgery until they are fully-grown adults. When treated early, prognosis is very good and dogs can continue to enjoy life without eye pain.

Breeds prone to Entropion include:


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