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Trupanion Pet Health and Breed Guide

The Trupanion pet health guide provides information for the most common dog and cat health concerns. Learn about which pet health problem is specific to your dog or cat breed.

Whether you're researching for a new pet or simply looking to learn more about your pet’s breed, you came to the right place. Here, you’ll find in-depth information about each individual breed including the breed’s origin, common traits, size, health concerns, and how to care for them. Test your knowledge to see if you know everything about your breed — who knows, you may learn something new!

While we’ve covered just about every main dog and cat breed, we welcome your suggestions for additions to our breed guide!

Dog Breed Guide

Cat Breed Guide

Pet Health Concerns

Trupanion’s pet health concerns section was created to educate pet owners about common illnesses that dogs and cats may face, as well as some of the rare illnesses and conditions that may occur.

Are you looking to find more information on certain pet health concerns? In our Pet Health Concerns guide, we’ll review the most common pet health issues that dogs and cats may face. Find out signs and symptoms, treatment options, and the specific dog and cat breeds that are more susceptible to the health condition. By getting information about your pet’s health concerns, you can better understand how to provide the best care.

Learn about pet health issues by dog or cat breed here!

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